What is it about Pilates mat work?

by | Jan 11, 2019 | General

Mat work is my favorite part of the Pilates repertoire. Not only are mat exercises the most challenging since you don’t have the spring resistance to work against, but they are also the most revealing when it comes to asymmetry in the body. On an off day, doing a Roll Up can look pretty ugly with my feet flying off the ground and my torso jerking upright.

Despite the struggle, I love moving through the transitions from exercise to exercise knowing that I will stretch, strengthen, and mobilize each part of my body. By the end of the workout, I truly feel energized and able to move freely and easily. During Mat work I am able to get my heart rate up and gain a little more space between my vertebrate at the same time.

Mat can be done anywhere and doesn’t require much space as long as you can lay your mat down. You don’t even need to do every single exercise in the classical series. Of course it would be ideal, but lets be honest, maybe you just have 15 minutes at home. I was trained in classical mat work and know the value of staying close to Joe’s original order. Each exercise prepares us for the work that is coming next. However, I have two young kids, and sometimes I really only have a few minutes before picking them up from school. If I can start at the hundred and make it through the abs series, I’m feeling pretty accomplished.

The Pilates equipment can be exciting, and you do feel sophisticated working against all those springs, but never underestimate the power of the mat. You can fit your workout in anywhere you go and will give yourself a killer workout. Once you’ve made it to those final pushups, you’ll be so proud!

Meet Laurie

Pilates Instructor

Laurie Sindlinger is a Power Pilates Certified Instructor in mat and all classical Pilates equipment. She teaches clients at all fitness levels and has training in Pilates for special cases such as knee, hip, or shoulder injuries, or during pregnancy. Laurie also teaches barre, TRX classes, and has extensive dance training and performance experience. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and a Minor in Dance from the University of Richmond.

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