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“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

–Joseph H. Pilates

Laurie Sindlinger

Laurie was introduced to Pilates during her dance training at the University of Richmond. She was a member of the University’s dance company and found that practicing Pilates was ideal not only for strengthening and toning the core, but also for finding better body control and preventing injuries. Laurie graduated with a major in Biology and minor in Dance, and following graduate school, she continued her Pilates training and received her Comprehensive Power Pilates Certification and became a Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor (NCPT). She believes that aging should not mean that we limit our activities. In Laurie’s Pilates classes she encourgaes you to explore what your body can do that day, teaches you how to progress to more challenging movements, and makes sure that we can laugh at least once during the lesson!



Carolyn Joyner

Carolyn is a Power Pilates Certified Instructor and is also fully trained in the Stott Pilates method. She is NCPT (PMA) certified, Pilates Suspension Method and Barre trained, TRX certified and has completed workshops on injuries and special populations (pregnancy, back issues, etc.). Carolyn co-founded one of the original Pilates studios in the area. She has been teaching and studying Pilates for over 15 years and and is a lifetime fitness enthusiast. Beyond her passion for Pilates, she has been a long distance runner all of her adult life and loves to challenge herself and even the most athletic of clients. When asked what her favorite part of teaching is, Carolyn says, “Working with clients of all levels, ages, and special populations is the greatest part of teaching. I love seeing the progression in their practice and the reward that comes with it.”


Brian Bobersky

Brian found Pilates in 2013 after dealing with sacroiliac joint pain and neck problems for over a year. After taking his first private lesson, Brian felt muscles working that he had not noticed before which helped him regain stability and strength. Once Brian saw how much Pilates had helped his movement, he decided to become Comprehensively Certified in the Power Pilates method to share Pilates with others.



Kara Nies

Kara is Power Pilates trained in all equipment, NCPT (PMA) certified and has been teaching Pilates since 2007. She loves seeing her beginner students evolve into hardworking Pilates enthusiasts. Her love of movement started at a young age in the dance studio where she took classical ballet, tap, and competitive jazz for over 20 years. The next natural step in life was to start taking Pilates to stay fit. She fell in love with the method and hasn’t stopped since!



Angie Lechleitner

Angie began sharing her love of Pilates with clients when she became Peak Pilates Certified in 2004. The core strength, improvement in flexibility and increase in energy she noticed in her own body inspired her to help others. She taught Pilates and group sessions at one of the premier fitness centers in the greater Pittsburgh area for over 12 years. During her time there she also taught TRX and Barre. Angie holds a Full Comprehensive Peak Pilates Certification including Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel, and Mat. Her other education and certifications include B.A. Duquesne University, Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Medical Representative Institute. After moving back here to her hometown and retiring from medical sales, she is happy to share her passion for movement at Pilates One Hundred.




Virginia Bonifant

Virginia is a Mat Certified Pilates Instructor through BASI Pilates, where mat classes are regarded as the “crown jewel” of Pilates. Mat classes can be modified to accommodate every body and can go wherever life takes you. Virginia strives to deliver classes that teach proper technique and encourage a connection between mind and body, with the goal being a stronger, more balanced and flexible body. She agrees with Joseph Pilates, “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.” If you feel like you have lost your core strength or your flexibility, but not your sense of humor and love of life, you will fit right in in Virginia’s classes. Come find what you have been missing and make some new friends. 



Carol Bruce

Carol is a certified PHI Mat Pilates and Pilates Reformer Trainer and has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. In 2010 Carol was given the opportunity by her employer to attend a PHI Mat Pilates course and that was a turning point in her fitness career. She loved how controlled movements were so effective and how Pilates balanced strength with mobility. Carol knows that staying active is important and is very in-tune to each individual’s needs, abilities, and goals. “Life is about movement, so enjoy the process.” She also is a certified ACE, personal trainer, TRX trainer, and NASM Stretching and Flexibility Coach.



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