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You can’t always make it to the studio for your Pilates lesson. If you would like to take classes at a time and place that is convenient for you, purchase a mat class below and have access to it whenever and wherever you want! There is no expiration date for this class, so once you purchase it, take the class as often as you would like.



How do virtual workouts work?

How do virtual workouts work?

Once you’ve purchased the class (or all three) you’ll have unlimited access to the workout to do at anytime and place. Each video is 30 min or less and you will just need a small amount of space.

What equipment will I need?
These videos are designed to be done with little to no equipment. You should have a mat or soft carpeting to lay down on, and light weights and the magic circle are optional.
Can I access classes anytime?

Yes, the videos will always be online for you to come back to at anytime.

Can I watch classes on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can watch the videos on any of your devices with internet access. It may be helpful to use a device with a larger screen to have a better view while working out.

“Laurie’s classes are always fun and challenging. She varies the classes so it is always interesting. Laurie is able to adapt the class for individuals that may have an injury or who have different levels of Pilates experience.”Jean L.
“Since I began practicing Pilates with Laurie, I’ve increased my driving distance in golf by 15 yards.”.-Scott O.
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