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We believe that whatever your age or current ability level is, you can learn to move with ease and lead a more active life.

You may feel like you are lacking strength and energy to get through your busy days. You would like to have balance in your health and fitness routine, and you would like to stand taller with beautiful posture and core strength.

At Pilates One Hundred, we listen to each client’s concerns and work with you to find joy and ease in your movement. In each session whether it is private or in a small group, you will get personalized instruction to help you increase your range of motion, strengthen your core, and connect your mind and body.

The Studio

Our spacious studio is fully equipped with classical Pilates equipment for both private instruction and small group classes. Our instructors give personalized instruction to meet you where you are and take your health to the next level. You can follow Pilates One Hundred on social media to see what we’ve been up to!

Mind & body

Why Pilates

At Pilates One Hundred we provide private and small group training in mat work and using equipment. Pilates sessions help to build Strength, Stability, Stretch, and Stamina. All exercises challenge the core or abdominals and teach you how to tap into this core strength as you work other areas of the body. Whether your goal is to increase your range of motion in your tennis or golf swing or to improve your balance in day-to-day life, Pilates will give you the tools to make your fitness goals possible.

Pilates can be done on the mat or using spring-loaded equipment designed to provide varying levels of resistance. You will become more aware of body placement during exercise and you can use this precision to safely intensify your workout and to help you avoid injury.


Equipment and Mat

Personalized Private Sessions


Small Group Equipment & Mat Classes


“I started taking Pilates because I had a complete meniscus tear and had lost most of my strength. After a few weeks of training, I knew I was heading in the right direction. Pilates One Hundred has given me my life back."

Bonnie L

“I love that the beginners classes are not intimidating because the instructors are so thorough in their directions, but at the same time, I feel challenged and like I got a great stretch/workout!

McKenna K.

“Since I began practicing Pilates with Laurie, I’ve increased my driving distance in golf by 15 yards.”.

-Scott O.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my first session be like?

You will be asked about your health and exercise history. If you have had any recent injuries or procedures, you should check with your healthcare provider to determine whether you should begin Pilates. During the session you will learn the fundamental mat exercises and you will become comfortable using the equipment. Please ask any questions that you have during the workout, and let us know if you are uncomfortable with any exercise. There are so many ways we can modify to fit your needs!

What should I wear?

Comfortable athletic wear and bare feet or grip socks are best. Clothing with a snug fit is ideal to see proper body alignment. Loose or baggy clothing can become a nuisance on the equipment.

Can Pilates help to alleviate back pain?
Pilates is often associated with strong backs and beautiful posture. By strengthening the abdominals and the deep muscles surrounding the spine, many people report a decrease in back pain. However, it is important that you consult with your healthcare provider before deciding whether Pilates will be a good fit for you.
What do Pilates sessions cost?

Please contact us to discuss pricing. Private lessons are $75 for a 55-minute session. Intro packages are available for new clients at a reduced cost of $180 for 3 private sessions. Equipment classes are offered at a drop in rate of $30 or a 10 class pack at $250, and Mat classes are offered at a drop in rate of $20 or a 5 class package of $100.

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